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When you visit NEW YORK Natural Care

1. We will thoroughly evaluate your posture.

2. Receive a functional evaluation of your spine, shoulder, pelvis, and feet.

3. Evaluate your routine daily activities, workstation, diet, and exercise.

4. Individually custom-designed wholistic care plan will be suggested.

Wholistic Chiropractic

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Dr. Palmer in the United States. It is a natural healing art to remove restrictions or interference from a spine. The result? Your spine, disc, and nerves become healthy and they will promote the body’s innate self-healing power. 

A pain-free life with beautiful health is achieved at last.

Wholistic Kids Chiropractic

With a common use of smart phones and laptop computers, the kids’ postures are compromised and proper growth is threatened. Poor posture may cause neck pain and lower back pain and may lead to problems in the spine and disc. What kids learn from us will dramatically improve their proper growth and health in their future.

Wholistic Body Balancing Therapy

Many neck pain and lower back pain is caused by the loss of normal balance of the body between right and left, and front and back. Only when the balance of the body is restored, ultimate health with pain-free life can be achieved at last.

Wholistic Deep Tissue Aromatherapy

The wholistic therapy uses essential oils from the natural plant extracts to promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. A gentle hypo-allergenic jojoba oil is unscented and can deeply hydrate your skin and decrease muscle tension while different scented essential oils can promote other health benefits. Aromatherapy can help to reduce your stress, enhance brainpower, or decrease muscle pain to help you sleep better.

Wholistic Pilates

After a thorough professional evaluation by a doctor you will enjoy a custom-designed Pilates training program using all of the state-of-the-art equipment. 

Not only will the Pilates training strengthen countless muscles, but it will also enhance flexibility, coordination, muscle tone and body awareness. 

A beautiful body both inside and out can be achieved through Wholistic Pilates.

Wholistic Yoga

No one is too stiff for Wholistic Yoga. After you receive a thorough evaluation your training program will be custom-designed to suit your needs. Wholistic Yoga will reveal natural flexibility hidden deep inside your body. You will not only learn the best yoga and stretch techniques for your body but you will also experience a true connection between your mind and body through every yoga breath. This will also enhance mental clarity and calmness and allow energy from deep within to reveal a full spirit you never knew existed.


It’s so easy to live pain-free with 
NEW YORK Natural Care.

Please make an appointment for the best customized care for every client


Please make an appointment for the best customized care for every client

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